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Our Values


Von Bibra will always support the community that supports our business. As a growing operation within the Gold Coast, we are not just a part of the community but play a leadership role within the community. This brings responsibility to ensure we contribute to those that may be:

  • Providing a selfless service to the community that helps those in need
  • A person/team or group that require further assistance in order to reach their full potential, whether it be in sport, music, academics or any other field.
  • Any business or organisation whether it be not for, or for profit, that is providing a great service/opportunity or product to members of the Gold Coast community that improves our lifestyle.


Von Bibra Auto Village will always commit to be getting better! We can only do this through the sum of our individuals committing to continually improving their skills each day. We will commit to ensuring that we provide you a platform, education and assistance to improve. With each individual’s success, Von Bibra Auto Villages success will follow. We must therefore, continually improve together!

Our Honesty

We must tell the truth even when it hurts! Regardless of the circumstances and potential outcome, our integrity must hold firm. We commit to this with our clients, our fellow workers, those that we report to and those that report to us.

Continual Improvement

Von Bibra will always aspire to provide outstanding service to our clients, our partners, and our suppliers. We know that success follows great service wherever it may go. We know that our level of service must always stand us above our competitors and that we must always raise the benchmark for ourselves and those around us, we must expect to be better every day! The longevity of our business depends upon it.

Our People

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